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FHQE Series High-speed Slitting and Rewinding Machine

1. Electrical control system adopts imported PLC with touch screen operation, display working parameters according to

different requirements.

2. Rewinding adopts vector inverter, PLC calculates diameter automatically with auto tension control.

3. Unwinder adopts magnetic powder brake, PLC calculates diameter automatically with auto tension control

4. Independent unwinding frame, hydraulic material feeding, unloading&loading adopt shaft-less cone taper for convenient and high-efficient.

5. Double slippery friction shafts rewinding with flat knives and circular knives for cutting, neat disc surface with wastage blown by blower.

6. Unwinder has web guide system

7. The system has function of meter counting, roll diameter calculation and auto stop when rewinding to the set length.

8. The system has a perfect integration design with mechanical, electricity, pneumatically and takes complete safety protective measures.

This machine is applicable for cutting various web materials such as BOPP,PET,CPP,PVC,electrification aluminum film, aluminizing film, paper and labels
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